Freed Associates

Our Difference

We distinguish ourselves by providing strong client relationships, integrity, and organizational efficiency.

Our dedicated consultants take great pride in their work and feel a deep commitment to helping clients improve patient care and achieve results. While all engagements are different and therefore require customized work plans, certain overarching themes and guiding principles are present in all of our work and form the core fabric of our company.


Freed Associates partner with clients as trusted advisors to identify and implement solutions to their most complex problems. Our consultants act as non-disruptive collaborators who aim at producing sustainable solutions while working within client cultures, not against them.


Freed is committed to open and substantive communication with clients to ensure the honest and timely flow of information. We believe that communication is the most effective means of facilitating buy-in and accountability and achieving results. Even in the most difficult situations, clients trust us to provide objective feedback.


When you hire Freed, you receive the accumulated knowledge of the whole team. Our company is composed of diverse consultants with deep industry and functional expertise who share their knowledge and best practices with every engagement. Our consultants deftly guide clients through complex business and organizational landscapes, drawing upon extensive knowledge, experience, and well-honed instincts to help clients anticipate and meet challenges both expected and unexpected.


Regardless of the type of engagement, the fundamentals of how we work remain the same. We assess the situation, work with the client to define optimal outcomes, create a plan and execute. Freed mitigates risk by documenting, tracking, and communicating issues to clients as soon as they appear. We have a robust assortment of toolkits and methodologies to apply to client engagements. We leverage our library of experiences to give every engagement the best chance at success.