Freed Associates

Problems We’ve Solved

Our clients put great faith in us to solve their problems, which is why 80% of our business comes from repeat customers. We also value our new clients, many of whom re-engage with us for additional work. We focus on partnering with our clients to address their most difficult challenges by assessing the situation with an objective eye, understanding their culture, and using our vast experience across healthcare entities to create sustainable results.

New Data Mart Helps Health Plan Meet Regulatory Provider Network Reporting

Until this initiative, the health plan’s provider network reporting to Medi-Cal had been incomplete and relied on proprietary Excel templates, making it difficult to manage.

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Inpatient Care Management Redesign Seeks to Boost Health System’s Clinical Performance

The client gained the awareness, tools and willingness required to directly address its long-standing issues with care coordination and improve its clinical outcomes.

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National Sales Team Revamps to Achieve Greater Consistency and Performance

With the company now equipped with a well-vetted and widely accepted sales effectiveness plan, its leadership has a much higher degree of confidence in its sales force’s ability to achieve consistent results.

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Continuing Medical Education Provider Determines Feasibility of New Learning System

If you have used flashcards to help learn and retain information, you have used a form of spaced repetition. It takes advantage of how our brains preferentially store information.

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Major Insurer Revamps 3Rs Reporting to Gain Multimillion ACA Returns

The client built a 3Rs-related operational model, complied with all 3Rs-related regulatory policies and changes, and developed and improved multiple 3Rs-related processes.

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