Freed Associates

Problems We’ve Solved

Our clients put great faith in us to solve their problems, which is why 80% of our business comes from repeat customers. We also value our new clients, many of whom re-engage with us for additional work. We focus on partnering with our clients to address their most difficult challenges by assessing the situation with an objective eye, understanding their culture, and using our vast experience across healthcare entities to create sustainable results.

Maximizing Membership Growth through New Open Enrollment Strategy

Equipped with best-practice guidelines for its enrollment facilitation program, the health plan now has a set of repeatable standards and processes to help expand its group health business.

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When Success Depended on Well-Performing Tech

Both the data center and business productivity implementations proceeded well, enabling the organization to launch its services on-time and meet a critical market timing need.

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Insurer Identifies Right Marketing Strategy for New Sales Focus

The insurer was able to proceed with an execution plan for pursuing partnerships in three highly promising channels, each with the potential to significantly expand the insurer’s sales.

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Avoiding Medi-Cal Encounter Reporting Issues

Strategically and methodically, the health care organization built a new encounter reporting solution, and became data-compliant, able to deliver on its backlog of prior encounter data.

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Positioning a Key Health Plan Product for Success

To compete and grow in the total replacement product market, the health plan launched an enterprise- wide initiative to evaluate the product’s performance.

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