Freed Associates

2015 — The Year of Innovation for Healthcare

By Mark Jahn

TOPIC: Innovation

Healthcare innovation is top of mind in 2015, with several local and national conferences focusing their attention on this important topic.

The U.S. healthcare industry needs radical change and rapid acceptance of new technologies in order to reduce costs, improve overall quality and reduce the number of catastrophic encounters. Implementation of new technologies such as remote patient monitoring, mobile health, big data and predictive analytics, video and wide area network technologies to support remote office visits, and e-visits have the potential to make significant contributions to the overall improvement of care delivery and patient outcomes. We can take hope from others, such as consumer/retail, financial services, telecom and transportation industries, that have embraced innovation for years with significant results.

These are exciting times with promising healthcare innovative solutions coming available. The key to making measurable improvements will come from selecting the right technology to meet your healthcare organization’s specific goals and managing the transition from implementation to full adoption effectively.

Mark Jahn is a Freed associate with a wide range of expertise including healthcare analytics, ICD-10, IT strategy, IT governance, package selections, assessments, PMO implementations, and program and project management. He is the co-chair for the 2015 HIMSS Southern California annual conference, which focuses on the future with its theme “Healthcare 2020: Innovations for the Future.”