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Competitive Marketplace: The Need for Innovation and Flexibility.

TOPIC: Competitive Marketplace, Scalability and Optimization

Healthcare organizations are challenged to provide improved health outcomes in a climate of increased regulation and market competition. Innovation, flexibility and a strong value proposition are keys to success in 2015 and beyond.

“Consolidation will continue in healthcare, it’s inevitable. Prominent healthcare organizations will continue to lead by enhancing their Innovation Centers.” –Mark Jahn

“Many Independent Practice Associations (IPAs) in California will be challenged to maintain their value proposition to their provider network. As physicians within these associations age and near retirement, many IPAs are facing stiff competition for emerging provider talent from organizations like Kaiser Permanente and foundation models, which offer more stability and less administrative work to younger physicians, who seem to be seeking those things. In order to attract and retain new providers as well as patients, they will need to invest in developing and marketing their unique value.” – Yeeling Wu

“Larger healthcare organizations will steadily expand their footprint in their communities by acquiring strategic practices in their areas.” – Robin Figueroa

“Health plans will begin to find other ways to gain market share and expand into areas (such as private exchanges) as part of the ACA.” – Gina Buban


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