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Population Health Drives Need for Data Governance

TOPIC: Population Health, Revenue Cycle

Can you meet your organization’s population health management needs without a strong data governance program?

In order to maintain revenue, maximize incentive payments, and minimize financial penalties as healthcare payment mechanisms evolve, you need strong population management. Population management gives you the means to identify patients at various levels of clinical and financial risk and provides an innovative capability to address the needs of those patients. Having sound, complete data is at the heart of successful population management. That data enables you to accurately identify patient risk, evaluate care, and assess clinical outcomes and related costs.

Data alone is only part of the solution. A strong data governance program provides the structure, rules, and accountabilities to manage your organization’s data assets with respect to security, quality, integrity, compliance, access, use, and persistence. It clearly assigns who in your organization is responsible for data related decisions and activities. A robust data governance program is also the most effective way to instill trust and confidence in your organization’s data because of the quality, clear standards, and secure use and access of the data that result from strong governance.

When you invest in a well-designed data governance program and commit the resources to implement it, your healthcare organization benefits from more precise risk stratification of patients, better evaluation of care, and the information needed to effectively manage population health.