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Population Health

Population Health has many definitions and often many masters. It is critical to have a clear strategy, action plan and tools to manage your patient populations. This will help you address improving health outcomes, engaging patients, making sense of ever-growing data, meeting greater regulatory requirements, addressing performance-based incentives and penalties and obtaining buy in from your stakeholders or key constituents.

Freed Associates provides Population Health expertise for strategic, clinical, and operational initiatives across the enterprise. Our insights, experience and expertise are used to help clients assess their current situation, identify gaps and define road maps to meet the desired outcomes. Population Health has many aspects and we can help you define where to focus your resources or how to better utilize your tools or where communication and change management are the stumbling blocks for your organization.

Freed can help you meet the short and long term goals of your organization, such as managing your high risk patients, promoting a culture of safety, and conducting quality improvement initiatives. Our custom solutions include utilizing data for business needs, developing an enterprise data governance infrastructure and establishing focused solutions, that help clients discern information crucial to patient outcomes and corporate financial stability.

Strategy & Planning

The ability to nimbly address key business issues and questions from all areas of your organization requires an enterprise approach. Freed can help your organization achieve its population health goals by:

  • Performing assessments, conducting discovery, and developing
    strategic population health roadmaps for administration, clinical, financial, and operations
  • Developing a robust data governance infrastructure that promotes appropriate data management and meaningful insights from high quality data
  • Creating a performance delivery model powered by data and supported by effectively deployed technology, trusted data, organized and trained staff, and a defined set of processes
  • Developing a business model, that includes Balanced Scorecard, with best practice key performance indicators (KPIs) and change leadership

Business Performance Enhancement

Optimally, data analytics can be used to improve population health management, including patient care, operational efficiency, and revenue enhancement. Identifying and addressing superfluous tools and activities, applying appropriate analyses to different patient populations, and acting on results all can lead to better performance of your organization. Freed provides assistance in:

  • Understanding how the care continuum functions and flows throughout your system and to external parties and then set improvement goals which will impact quality, satisfaction and ultimately decrease costs to improve financial health
  • Aligning applications and analytical personnel with larger population health needs, reducing redundancy in analytical and reporting activities
  • Choosing analytical strategies to create efficiencies, stratify patients, identify risk strata, ascertain potential areas of cost reduction, and apply predictive modeling
  • Utilizing results in improvement initiatives to drive process change, address specific patient populations, align clinical staff performance, and maximize operations and incentives

Consumer/Patient Engagement

Organizations need to communicate to their constituencies that they are prioritizing quality care, and find ways to improve in order to remain competitive. Engaging consumers and patients is critical to this endeavor. Engaged people tend to participate more readily in their healthcare decisions and are more likely to comply with agreed upon treatment and have an allegiance to the organization that supports them. Whether viewed as covered lives or patients, these customers choose where to go for their medical care. If people feel their needs are being met, then they can be serviced more effectively and efficiently, resulting in greater satisfaction. Conversely, when people’s needs are not met, the result can be dissatisfaction, which translates to poor quality scores, which have negative financial implications. Freed can guide your organization in:

  • Conducting assessments of satisfaction results and related process and work flows identifies areas where customers’ needs are suboptimal and can be addressed
  • Developing a customer-centric culture where every employee has a role in bettering the experience of and engaging each person
  • Reviewing satisfaction results, vendor or internal process for obtaining the data, and exploring alternative processes to collect more complete and accurate information

Data Leading Practices

Identifying and applying the appropriate data to population health activity, whether clinical, administrative, or operational, is essential for organizations to effectively and efficiently manage their patients. Monitoring and measuring clinical and cost metrics that support population health strategy and ascertainment of data that are most suitable to derive the answers to business problems are not always included in population health strategy. Freed offers guidance around leading data practices by:

  • Advising on the alignment of data management leading practices with your population health strategic plan
  • Working with clients to identify the appropriate data needed to answer their business concerns and understanding nuances in the data that effect interpretation of results
  • Assisting clients to cull suitable data and align those data across applications for organizational consistency

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