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Our clients speak for us.

The best way to judge any consulting firm is by the company it keeps and what clients have to say. At Freed we’re extremely proud of the long-standing relationships we’ve built over three decades of service to healthcare.

Vice President, Ethics and Compliance

“Freed Associates has demonstrated outstanding subject matter expertise, flexibility, integrity, and, most importantly, objectivity as they push back on executives when it is in the best interest of the organization. Freed is the best consulting firm I have worked with in many years.”
One of the Largest National Health Plans

Vice President, Digital Health

“Freed knows us so well. Better than most any other firm, they have been available to jump into any type of project, cold start, on short notice, and get up and running quickly.”
Internationally Renowned Academic Health System

Director, Decision Support

“Freed consultants were a pleasure to work with and acted as trusted thought partners to help guide the direction and priorities to successfully deliver on the project scope, despite considerable uncertainty. In fact, senior leadership commented that this effort was a model for how projects should be run.”
Leading Healthcare Provider and Not-For-Profit Health Plan

Chief Technology Officer

“Freed is synonymous with excellence. They are truly an extension of our team, creating the feeling of ‘we’ instead of ‘them’ and ‘us.’”
Nonprofit Healthcare Organization