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Healing Healthcare

Going beyond health equity data compliance.

Learn how data collection, governance and analysis can be improved to support health equity. Watch this recent CAHP panel discussion hosted by Freed.

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Health Equity and Quality Data: Going Beyond Regulatory Compliance.

Our Guests: Genia Fick, Vice President, Quality, Inland Empire Health Plan, and Timshel Tarbet, Vice President, Business Excellence and Diversity Strategy, SCAN Health Plan.

Federal and state entities (i.e., CMS, DHCS,  DMHC) are increasing their data reporting regulatory requirements in an effort to address health inequities and create a more equitable healthcare system. This panel discussion dives into the challenges that health plans are facing with collecting regulatory data. It covers the steps that plans are taking to structure a health equity data collection program that collaborates cross-functionally. And it details how these organizations are going beyond health equity compliance to create positive changes based on data.

Topics include:

  • The challenges being encountered in working to comply with new regulatory requirements
  • The data collection approach being taken to get a 360-degree view of plan members’ health
  • Data governance and the challenges of pulling data from a multitude of sources
  • How health plans are using the data to develop impactful initiatives to address inequities
  • How to break down barriers and work cross-functionally to address health equity
  • Setting across-the-board benchmarks
  • Why providers are often hesitant to collect data, why members are hesitant to share, and what to do about it