Freed Associates

COVID-19 Response

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting every part of the health care sector, organizations must meet ongoing needs and simultaneously address new operational and financial challenges.

As your health care organization responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, you must rapidly adjust to the changing needs of your stakeholders while maintaining operational and financial stability. Is your organization prepared to meet a myriad of new demands affecting your people, partners, operations and those you serve? Do you have the in-house knowledge, experience and bandwidth to efficiently and effectively address your current and future operational requirements?

We specialize in COVID-19 Response in five key service areas:

  • Problems We’ve Solved

    Financial Planning and New Pricing Cements Health Organization’s Long-Term Future

    The organization credited Freed for its ability to rapidly and objectively analyze a large array of new product pricing scenarios and craft an effective new narrative business plan. Read more about this project »
  • Problems We’ve Solved

    Health Plans and New Interoperability Rules: Get Going Now

    This article covers the new interoperability requirements for health plans. It suggests four smart interoperability moves to master, and explains why getting interoperability right is so important. Read more about this project »
  • Problems We’ve Solved

    Major Financial Gains via New Position Control System

    The health care system’s leaders are now in a much stronger and better-informed position to make the right operational and financial decisions regarding the organization’s labor needs. Read more about this project »

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