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Population Health

Population Health has many definitions and often many masters. Do you have a clear strategy, action plan and tools to manage your patient populations? This will help you address improving health outcomes, engaging patients, making sense of ever-growing data, meeting greater regulatory requirements, addressing performance-based incentives and penalties and obtaining buy in from your stakeholders or key constituents.

Are you looking to meet the short and long term goals of your organization, such as managing your high-risk patients, promoting a culture of safety, and conducting quality improvement initiatives? Our custom solutions include utilizing data for business needs, developing an enterprise data governance infrastructure and establishing focused solutions, that help clients discern information crucial to patient outcomes and corporate financial stability.

  • Problems We’ve Solved

    Getting Your Health Data Right

    The greatest value Freed provided to the health system was creating a foundation for developing the integrated platform, engaging key stakeholders, and documenting known processes and key requirements. Read more about this project »
  • Problems We’ve Solved

    How a Home Health Provider Improved Patient Satisfaction

    The transition of inbound patient/caregiver calls from the system’s call center directly to program offices was a success. Read more about this project »
  • Problems We’ve Solved

    Specialty Department Improves Operations to Boost Patient Experience, Growth Plans

    A future-state organizational structure for the department was established to resolve the department’s identified operational issues. Read more about this project »

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