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Membership Growth and Product Design

In today’s health plan market, the only reliable constant is change. Market dynamics are in constant flux, reacting to new regulations, increase in government oversight, and most recently, uncertainty over the future of the ACA. It’s no surprise that provider and payers alike are experiencing an increase in anxiety over the future and seeking the best options to remain competitive in this ever-changing market.

Are you looking for the most effective ways to control costs and yet still offer products and services which meet your customer’s needs? Freed Associates remains focused on helping you drive sustainable growth, create operational efficiencies, and create value for your employer groups and members. Our team of health plan experts can help support you to:

Problems We’ve Solved

New Data Mart Helps Health Plan Meet Regulatory Provider Network Reporting

A health plan needed to develop a provider data mart to centralize and house provider data from multiple internal and external sources, and report its provider network data each month to Medi-Cal, using a national EDI standard. The health plan developed, tested, and implemented a provider data mart solution, meeting Medi-Cal’s timeline and standards for provider network reporting. Read more about this project »

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