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Healing Healthcare

Closing Medication Adherence Gaps

Watch our discussion with Timshel Tarbet of SCAN Health Plan on helping racial and ethnic groups improve medication usage habits.

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Closing Racial and Ethnic Medication Adherence Gaps.

Our Guest: Timshel Tarbet, VP of Business and Diversity Strategy at SCAN Health Plan

In this episode of Healing Healthcare, we discuss proven strategies used by SCAN Health Plan to improve medication adherence among Black and Hispanic members by 35%.

Topics Include:

  • What happens when you apply a DEI lens to member data
  • Best data governance practices
  • Why standard member communication efforts are not sufficient
  • Surprising data on member preferences for speaking with a nurse vs a doctor
  • What types of training, hiring and investments are essential
  • Tying management incentives to results
  • How DEI initiatives give health plans a competitive advantage