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Healing Healthcare

Addressing Social Impacts on Health Equity

Chief Administrative Officer at Dignity Health, Mercy Medical Group discusses social constructs and often overlooked factors perpetuating health inequities.

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Health Equity & Social Impact

Our Guest: Jahmal Miller, Chief Administrative Officer at Dignity Health, Mercy Medical Group.

In this episode of Healing Healthcare, we discuss how health equity is shaped by social constructs and how to take a personal, political, and business lens toward reducing inequities.

Topics Include:

  • Impacts of social isolation and loneliness on health
  • Why social determinants of health are so closely tied to health equity
  • Benefits of advocacy and political engagement on influencing the social determinants of health
  • The power that political representation has on improving equity
  • The role of faith and community in shaping leadership and advocacy
  • The importance of self-reflection and vulnerability in reducing health inequities
  • The ROI that comes from addressing diversity, equity and inclusion