Freed Associates

Culture & Values

At Freed Associates, our company values infuse everything we do. We believe that the corporate culture this creates allows our employees to thrive.

Culture drives an organization. It is the way a company presents itself to each other and to the outside world. It takes its breath from the heart of the collective team. At Freed Associates, we respect and support our clients and each other. Our clients comment that they forget we are outsiders because of the seamless way we integrate into their organization. We are a smart and hard working group of consultants who want to make a difference in healthcare. It is not flash. It is foundational and authentic.

We have stated values that in different hands would be just words on paper, trotted out at special events, otherwise left in a drawer. To us they embody the simple straightforward view of our company, achieve great results for our clients, do it with integrity, and enjoy the rest of your life.

The values listed below were developed by all the employees at Freed and reflect how our consultants perform.


We deliver high degree of quality and satisfaction and always aim for products and services to exceed customer expectations.


We adhere to a standard of conduct that upholds honesty, reliability and promotes trust both internally and externally.


We are a positive, collaborative group working together to meet client needs.


Freed consultants are responsive and adaptive to change. The firm strives to be considerate of individual and client needs while working toward sustainable solutions.

Work-Life Balance

We provide an environment where people can attain fulfillment at work by providing excellent service and a robust and engaged personal life.