Freed Associates

Life as a Freed Associate

It is personal. A Freed Associate is not filling a slot; he or she contributes to the whole, bringing highly valued skills.

At Freed Associates, we recognize our employees as individuals with much to contribute to our clients, to each other, and to the firm. Indeed we are a corporation. That is our form. Yet, we function as a team of consultants all pursing our passions on the fields of work and play.

Work-Life balance is a worn out term that easily comes off the lips of many companies. We like to think we are different. From the beginning Freed has embraced working parents and their need for flexible schedules. Our employees also have a variety of robust hobbies, including wine making, sailing and music which they can pursue alongside a fulfilling career.

Our consultants are also passionate about their work. Josh enjoys helping clients find more efficient ways of doing the tasks that result in better operations and improved care for patients. He says, “The conversation often begins with, “that’s the way we’ve always done it” and hopefully ends with, “wow, this is so much easier!’ Believe it or not, Susan is passionate about data – she says she has not yet met a data set she did not like and from which she could not extract something useful.

The operative word for the work life of our consultants is effectiveness. Our consultants manage to get the job done while still getting to know and working alongside our clients rather than in conflict with their values. Clients engage us because we are not enmeshed in day to day operations and can devote ourselves to difficult projects, large and small. At Freed, our consultants are not content to rest on their laurels. Instead, they pursue ongoing professional development activities to enhance and hone their skills. Freed provides ample opportunities to expand current skills or develop new ones.

Freed always strives to make itself a part of whatever life our consultants choose. Some say that is unique. We see it as fundamental for a company that wants its people to thrive. So it is personal. Freed Associates can accomplish much as a company because of what our consultants can do and who they are.