Freed Associates

Providing a Multi-Phased Solution for the Creation of a Releasable Data Mart for a Large Enterprise

Freed Associates assisted a large integrated delivery network to determine the business needs and data architecture necessary to create a data mart and accompanying process for enterprise-wide externally releasable data. This development enables the organization to have one outward facing voice, increase efficiency in responding to external requests, and align with enterprise data governance.


All healthcare providers and facilities face increasing reporting requirements and external requests for information from payers, regulatory agencies and other organizations. For large integrated delivery networks, much of the same information is requested across facilities, creating redundancy in the efforts to provide data at the enterprise level. Further, when standards are not in place, resulting variation in externally released data provides an inconsistent voice for the enterprise and, occasionally, disparate information.


The enterprise engaged Freed Associates to conduct discovery for building and populating a releasable data mart while working with internal resources to develop an accompanying process. They asked Freed to gather business requirements across the enterprise for a releasable data process and data mart, outline sample data architecture, and draft data and process flows. These activities were duplicated for an ideal state and for a starting point, which was a large quality survey.

Over the course of the engagement, Freed provided business analysis, project management, and high level data architecture for the data mart. We conducted interviews with stakeholders across the enterprise, gathering user requirements and issues related to releasable data. Our consultants drafted and refined iterations of data architecture and flow diagrams based on client feedback. Finally, Freed Associates provided detailed documentation regarding methodology, results, suggested solutions, recommendations and risks, and areas of likely time and resource savings.


Freed Associates provided a multi-phased solution for the enterprise to build a data mart and contribute to a process that aligns with data governance structure of the organization. We developed metrics to measure the success of the RDM process and included improved efficiency and satisfaction, reduced redundancy and burden for facilities, functional technology, and standardized response to requests. The enterprise is now in the process of implementing the first phase of the three-phased plan, and Freed Associates continue to work on the implementation and build details.