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Problems We've Solved

Lean Process Drives Finance Department Transformation

The value stream mapping workshop proved effective. Attendees learned how their work fit into the larger organizational framework, and planned an integrated vision for the department’s future.

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Pointing the Way Toward Improved Knowledge Management

Gathering input about the current state of knowledge management supported the development of the future state design.

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National Sales Team Revamps to Achieve Greater Consistency and Performance

With the company now equipped with a well-vetted and widely accepted sales effectiveness plan, its leadership has a much higher degree of confidence in its sales force’s ability to achieve consistent results.

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New Data Warehouse Capability Helps Company Improve and Expand its Services

Freed’s input will help the BI team produce critical deliverables more quickly and efficiently, improving the company’s ability to execute additional strategic initiatives.

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Health System Updates Critical Risk Occurrence System Using Freed-Designed Custom Training Curriculum

A major health system turned to Freed Associates (Freed) to develop and deliver a customized training curriculum to educate staff on entering adverse health events using Midas+ and following up on reported events.

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