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Problems We've Solved

Complying with the Affordable Care Act’s Complex Risk Adjustment Requirements

The health care system was able to control the approach and processes it employed to ensure compliance with CMS’ new Standard Methodology reporting standards for CSR reconciliation – and ensure that this work did not impinge on its regular, ongoing CSR reporting requirements.

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Health System Achieves Data Alignment Breakthrough

The new clinical file extract layout included a variety of new rules, including a data model detailing the data sources and data flow necessary to support the clinical extract.

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Overcoming the Challenges of Launching a Clinical Integration Network (CIN)

By developing and implementing a top-tier CIN infrastructure, the health care system positioned itself to more readily achieve its quality, efficiency and cost-reduction goals.

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Maximizing Membership Growth through New Open Enrollment Strategy

Equipped with best-practice guidelines for its enrollment facilitation program, the health plan now has a set of repeatable standards and processes to help expand its group health business.

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When Success Depended on Well-Performing Tech

Both the data center and business productivity implementations proceeded well, enabling the organization to launch its services on-time and meet a critical market timing need.

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