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Problems We've Solved

Avoiding Medi-Cal Encounter Reporting Issues

Strategically and methodically, the health care organization built a new encounter reporting solution, and became data-compliant, able to deliver on its backlog of prior encounter data.

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Are You Maximizing Your Short-Doyle Reimbursements? Learn How This Client Did So

During the first eight months after the implementation, the client collected $4 million in reimbursement. The client also received more than $4 million for prior-year reconciliations.

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Pointing the Way Toward Improved Knowledge Management

Gathering input about the current state of knowledge management supported the development of the future state design.

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HMO’s Member Outreach Pilot and Data Flow Assessment Enhance CRA Compliance

The HMO significantly reduced its annual risk adjustment payments, met CMS requirements for CRA program reporting and enhanced the quality of care for its members.

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New Data Mart Helps Health Plan Meet Regulatory Provider Network Reporting

Until this initiative, the health plan’s provider network reporting to Medi-Cal had been incomplete and relied on proprietary Excel templates, making it difficult to manage.

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