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Freed Associates

Problems We've Solved

HMO’s Member Outreach Pilot and Data Flow Assessment Enhance CRA Compliance

The HMO significantly reduced its annual risk adjustment payments, met CMS requirements for CRA program reporting and enhanced the quality of care for its members.

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Inpatient Care Management Redesign Seeks to Boost Health System’s Clinical Performance

The client gained the awareness, tools and willingness required to directly address its long-standing issues with care coordination and improve its clinical outcomes.

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Major Health System Works with Freed to Automate Care Coordination Workflow

In today’s pay-for-performance era, health care providers can no longer have weak or inconsistent relationships with their nearest community-based service providers.

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Universal Registration Improves Cancer Center’s Patient Satisfaction

Thanks to Freed’s analysis and guidance, the cancer center’s new universal registration process reduced patient registration time by 70%.

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Team Approach to Value-Based Care Program Pays Off for Major Health Care System

A team approach in implementing value-based risk arrangements enables those within a health system to work together more effectively to meet their ultimate client needs: those of their patients.

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