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Problems We've Solved

Complying with the Affordable Care Act’s Complex Risk Adjustment Requirements

The health care system was able to control the approach and processes it employed to ensure compliance with CMS’ new Standard Methodology reporting standards for CSR reconciliation – and ensure that this work did not impinge on its regular, ongoing CSR reporting requirements.

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Rapid Intervention Drives Health Plan’s Enterprise System Replacement

By redefining and overhauling the organization’s program management, and having Freed assume the role of program manager and system integrator overseeing 200+ personnel, the client put its system installation back on track to meet a revised implementation deadline.

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Billing Department Revamp Pays Multimillion Dollar Recurring Returns

Based on multiple interventions and process and policy improvements, the billing department achieved a nearly 25% increase in cash compared with its average collections in prior months.

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Occupational Health Company Creates New Operations Model to Drive Efficiency

The company gained a new, scalable operating model applicable to all current and planned locations. This included optimized sales processes, enhanced forecasting capabilities and a template for future facility openings.

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Health System Achieves Data Alignment Breakthrough

The new clinical file extract layout included a variety of new rules, including a data model detailing the data sources and data flow necessary to support the clinical extract.

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