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Problems We've Solved

Improved Workload Management Boosts Sales Team’s Growth Potential

It was recommended that the sales team add additional support resources, as well as deploy a new staffing model that adequately staffs each critical team role. This would allow employees to continue to produce high-quality work.

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Complying with the Affordable Care Act’s Complex Risk Adjustment Requirements

The health care system was able to control the approach and processes it employed to ensure compliance with CMS’ new Standard Methodology reporting standards for CSR reconciliation – and ensure that this work did not impinge on its regular, ongoing CSR reporting requirements.

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Management Services Organization Expedites Vendor Due Diligence, Benefits Business

By determining and verifying its critical requirements and risks, the MSO was able to expedite its vendor selection process, build more complete and effective testing plans and better able to plan for its staffing needs for UM implementation.

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Specialty Department Improves Operations to Boost Patient Experience, Growth Plans

A future-state organizational structure for the department was established to resolve the department’s identified operational issues.

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Streamlined Single Marketing Group Powers Health Care System

This initiative yielded a new, centralized marketing organization capable of more efficiently producing higher-quality marketing campaigns and materials.

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