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Healing Healthcare

Improving Mental Health Outcomes

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Learn how plans and providers can better mental health care costs, limited access to care, and the growing demand for broader behavioral health coverage.

Strategies for Health Plans and Providers to Improve Mental Health Outcomes

Healthcare organizations face significant challenges in meeting the demands of our current mental health crisis. In this episode of Healing Healthcare, we discuss how health plans and providers are under tremendous pressure to address high care costs, limited access to care providers, and growing demand for broader behavioral health coverage. And we dive into key opportunities for health plans and providers to improve mental health outcomes and access.

Our Guest: Dr. Rachna Saralkar, Psychiatrist, Digital Health Advisor, and Product Medical Director

Topics Include:

  • Why we’re in a mental health crisis
  • The benefits of virtual triaging for patients
  • How to broaden provider networks to improve access
  • Opportunities and drawbacks to telehealth for mental health services
  • Behavioral health technology solutions on the market
  • Why developing objective, scientific data tracking for Mental Health diagnosis and treatment is essential to fueling significant change
  • Value-based payment models for mental health care