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Transforming Digital in Healthcare.

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What do leading industry experts from UCSF, Rock Health, InnovAge, and Carbon Health have to say about embracing the future of healthcare?

Watch the on-demand panel-style webinar hosted by Freed Associates where experts discuss how healthcare organizations at the forefront of change are adapting to embrace end-to-end digital transformation.

Pressure from healthcare consumers who are growing to expect a digital-first environment in healthcare similar to their experiences in other industries, combined with the pandemic, is forcing healthcare organizations to prioritize digital now more than ever. As digital transformation in healthcare continues to mature, experts expect to see organizational and cultural transformation aligned with a digital mindset, continued high use of telehealth tools, digitally based patient engagement solutions, rapid growth in artificial intelligence, an increased emphasis on cloud computing, and more.

Our panel provides guidance and insight into:

  • The key considerations for digital investments
  • Challenges/breakthroughs in progressing organizational and cultural change
  • Innovative technology solutions that are gaining traction

Expert Panelists

  • Aaron Neinstein, M.D., Director, Clinical Informatics
    UCSF Center for Digital Health Innovation
  • Alice Raia, Chief Information Officer
  • John Frager, Partnerships & Value-Based Care
    Carbon Health
  • Megan Zweig, Chief Operating Officer
    Rock Health

Panel Host

  • Carly Dunham, Digital Transformation Consultant
    Freed Associates