Freed Associates

Portfolio, Program, & Project Management

Do you need to improve portfolio success, reduce the cost of program delivery, and increase your organization’s project management skills and outcomes?

Freed works closely with you to identify and prioritize your portfolio and ensure there is a focus on the right suite of programs and projects. We emphasize strategic and impactful programs and projects while balancing compliance requirements. By applying our deep understanding of the healthcare marketplace and our specific organizational knowledge, you benefit from establishing a successful portfolio and program governance structure, operating principles, and management processes that fit with your culture.

We employ a consultative and collaborative approach to project management that provides business analysis, leadership, and strategic insight. Above all, we emphasize frequent, candid communication between all parties to ensure success of our offerings:

  • Problems We’ve Solved

    Drug Distributor Consolidates Product Operations, Achieves Significant Operational Benefits

    The product management team was able to continue its work unabated throughout the consolidation and transition period, completing a series of complex and financially critical product launches. Read more about this project »
  • Problems We’ve Solved

    Expanding Medical Foundation Successfully Integrates Specialty Physician Practices

    The medical foundation successfully integrated the physician practices with zero clinical downtime. The newly acquired practices continued to provide high-quality patient care. Read more about this project »
  • Problems We’ve Solved

    Scaling Up a Physician Education Program Led to Efficiencies for a Large Health System

    The team and tools to support our client’s patient communication training program had not grown to meet the increased demand for more classes across more geographic areas. Freed was engaged to partner with our client to assess the situation, develop recommendations, and implement solutions to these challenges. Read more about this project »

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