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When it comes to advancing healthcare, Freed Associates is the healthcare consulting firm that delivers the fastest path to realizing maximum value from your improvement initiatives.

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Freed Associates, a healthcare management consulting firm.
Freed has served as a healthcare strategy consultant for over 30 years.

Why Freed

Some healthcare consultants are all talk. We’re all action.

At Freed, our clients consistently tell us that we’re the quickest, most cost-effective way to enact positive change with proven value — and receive quality work that exceeds that of other healthcare consulting firms.

Our Solutions

Strategic consulting and services for healthcare organizations.

The Freed healthcare consulting group works closely with healthcare organizations to help improve processes and outcomes.

Applied Analytics & Technology Advancement

Technology and analytics are fundamental to driving new efficiencies and delivering better care and satisfaction. See how Freed helps healthcare organizations with all aspects of technology advancement, from strategy to implementations, and empowers care and operations teams to improve decision-making based on data.

Digital Experience

Consumers expect seamless, end-to-end digital experiences. Freed will show you the way to becoming a digital-first organization, connecting the care journey with digital interactions that reduce costs, build loyalty, and satisfy your members and patients.

Operational Transformation

Change is not easy and yet it is constant. Discover how Freed expertly helps healthcare organizations to grow, adapt and innovate when it comes to advancing operations, meeting compliance challenges, improving all aspects of care quality, and enabling better patient and member experiences.

Revenue & Finance Optimization

Solid financial performance is the backbone for delivering and improving care. Find out how Freed helps you maximize your financial performance by finding, leveraging and integrating the most effective processes, efficient service-delivery models and advanced technology.