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Marketing Leader
Allie Freed

Allie Freed joined Freed Associates in 2012. Resourceful and analytical, Allie applies expertise in process optimization and technology systems design, implementation and optimization to health care client engagements. Displaying a deep understanding of workplace cultures and employee behaviors, she is effortlessly able to engage employees at different levels and functions within healthcare organizations.  Allie employs agile and lean principles to support change.  In addition to consulting, Allie leads Freed marketing, focused on brand consistency, business development partnership and industry education.

An example of Allie’s project work included successfully leading a CRM conversion for 150 users spanning seven departments from an antiquated legacy system to a modern technology forward platform.  As a result of the implementation, the client experienced fewer manual processes, leading to increased visibility and productivity, robust reporting capabilities and improved cross-functional collaboration.

“Effective change cannot come from the outside, engaging clients in the work we do is essential to partnered project success.”

Allie Freed
Consultant and Marketing Leader

Prior to joining Freed Associates, Allie worked in behavioral health, counseling at risk teenagers.  Allie earned her B.A. in psychology from Whitman College.  Outside the office, Allie can be found in Tahoe on the ski slopes and climbing rocks.