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Zaida S.

Strategy Chief of Staff and Consultant
Zaida S. Aronovsky

Zaida Aronovsky joined Freed Associates in 2005. With broad experience in project and program management, business process redesign, operational transformation, organizational design and systems implementations, Zaida is able to work across a wide array of healthcare providers, insurers and other organizations. She excels in communication and change leadership and partners with organizations to achieve employee engagement and lasting results.  Zaida understands strategic planning principles and leads Freed’s strategic planning efforts.

Zaida leads critical large-scale system implementations across enterprises, understanding the scale, breadth and risk factors associated with these engagements. She recently led a two-year transformation for a client, managing over 200 team members across 17 workstreams replacing a core set of its operational systems. With Zaida’s leadership, the client established a strong Program Management Office infrastructure and successfully deployed new systems, including integration of satellite applications and modification of data exchanges. In addition, operational processes were implemented and training performed across multiple teams in the organization.

“Perfect is the enemy of good. Learn to iterate and appreciate progress along the way.”

Prior to joining Freed Associates, Zaida worked for multiple healthcare-based software companies in California and established and managed a project management office in IT at Gap, Inc.  Zaida earned her Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Claremont Graduate University and her B.A. in psychology from University of Colorado, Boulder. Outside the office, you can find Zaida on a soccer field playing the beautiful game, hiking mountains with her friends, and spending time with her husband and three girls.


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