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Adrienne Ladd & Margaret Leonard Featured in Physicians Reimbursement Fund Newsletter

“Does your practice use electronic health records? Do you rely on interactive websites or online portals where patients can enter their personal demographic and billing information? Do you utilize third party billing services? All of the above questions are important, and if you answered “yes” to any of them, it’s time to ask yourself one more question: Just how well is my patient data being protected? If you aren’t worried yet, you probably should be, because the risk of a security breach is high (and growing), and the potential penalties to you and your practice include extremely punitive fines, civil litigation, and even imprisonment.”

Freed consultants Adrienne Ladd & Margaret Leonard recently produced an article for the Physicians Reimbursement Fund newsletter entitled, “Is Your Patient Health Care Data Secure? Take These Four Checklist Tests And Be Sure!

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