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Fall marks a season of transition, as we look forward to cooling temperatures, much needed rain and changing foliage. The same is also true within the healthcare industry, as this month saw a shift from ICD-9 to ICD-10 and the updated meaningful use guidelines. Many clients are busy with changes as the result of the Accountable Care Act. Unlike the shifts in nature, healthcare changes inevitably arrive with uncertainty: Will this work as intended? How will this benefit patients? What will be the impact to our employees and bottom line? Freed Associates works with our clients to reduce and manage the uncertainties within an inherently uncertain business. This is reflected in our everyday work as well as in this newsletter, which is filled with our consultants’ experienced insights on ways to help your organization address challenges and more effectively reach success. We would like to hear from you. Please take a moment to let us know your opinions on this newsletter. Sincerely,
Dava Freed
 CEO, President and Founder of Freed Associates
Finding ROI Through EHR Optimization
A Publication By: Jonathan Cho
Many promises have been made by EHR vendors about the
potential for clinical transformation with more efficient data capture and transmission, and the integration of multiple technologies to support all aspects of clinical and financial operations in the healthcare setting.
However, the daunting question behind the colossal investment to go live with an EHR investment is, “Now that our system is live, what is our calculated return on investment?” Faced with this question, many health organizations are finding that while some clinical and financial processes are more efficient, going live with an EHR system does not necessarily translate to immediate cost savings (by way of decreased length of stay, re-admissions). Nor does an EHR ensure an improvement in the delivery of care, or clinical outcomes. Continue Reading
Completing An ACA Systems Support Project On A Tight Open Enrollment Deadline
A Case Study By: Kali Taylor
A major integrated managed-care organization offered Freed a challenging proposition to create a new web tool for small business customers and brokers designed for use across multiple states. To support 2014 health care reform changes, the educational tool needed to be delivered to completion by fall 2013.
Freed Associates took a leadership role in this project by providing strong project management, analysis, and business management to successfully launch the product and meet rigid timeline and budgetary requirements. 
By: Kam Reams & Alan Little
The Triple Aim is the backbone of healthcare reform; however, there are barriers to effective system-wide change that must be addressed before we can seize opportunities for improving the health of individuals and populations while reducing costs.
Long-standing operational silos make realizing positive reform an extremely difficult endeavor. By addressing these silos and transforming the existing model of healthcare delivery, we can begin to realize the objectives of the Triple Aim. Continue Reading
A Case Study By: Chet Stagnaro
Freed recently delivered a data management methodology for a healthcare software development client so that it could benefit from a best practices-based and repeatable set of related processes. 
The client was faced with the challenge of finding a way to provide high-quality data across the entire product lifecycle. This required a standard way to acquire, integrate, share and maintain its data so that it could realize a faster delivery of its software solutions to its customers, and also ensure that from a post-rollout perspective, it could maintain data quality as part of its ongoing product change management practices. Continue Reading
“Don’t be afraid of being different because you are a woman” – CEO Dava Freed Featured in SF Business Times as Success Story in Women-Owned Businesses
In a story written for the September 25th issue of the San Francisco Business Times by Lemery Reyes, entitled “Why Him, Why Not You?”, Freed Associates CEO, Dava Freed, is prominently featured for offering her best advice for women in business, “Don’t be afraid of being different because you are a woman.” Freed Associates was ranked 26th in the largest bay area women-owned businesses and 15th in the largest east-bay women-owned businesses for the 2015 list.
Noting her number one tip for growing a business, Dava said, “Having strong values and an inclusive, caring corporate culture.” Dava continued with the best advice she received from another businesswoman, saying, “Don’t be afraid of being different because you are a woman. It is OK to show your emotions, even as a CEO.”
Freed Gives Back – Volunteering With The SF-Marin Food Bank
By: Allie Freed
It was a warm Saturday morning in August, when a number of Freed Associates arrived at the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank to volunteer a few hours of their time assembling grocery boxes for seniors. 
Being the natural-born project managers that we are, I wasn’t surprised to look up from my post and see a number of Freed volunteers front and center on the assembly line, making sure boxes were assembled accurately and efficiently. 
John Darbani To Join As VP With The Client Solutions Team
John joined Freed Associates in early 2015.
John has significant experience in cultivating new business relationships and maintaining strong partnerships with healthcare organizations. Read his full biography here.
Emily Richmond Joins As A New Consultant
Emily Richmond joined in the summer of 2015.
Prior to her position at Freed, she was a senior consultant at Avalere Health focusing on delivering comprehensive and creative healthcare quality solutions to life science and medical device companies. Read her full biography here.
Chelsea Burger Joins The Firm
Chelsea Burger joined Freed in August 2015.
Chelsea has experience in revenue maximization, project management, workflow optimization, departmental redesign, policy development, and staff training. Read her full biography here.
Bob Wadsworth Is Our Newest VP On The Client Solutions Team
Bob Wadsworth joined the firm in September 2015. 
He has experience in deploying technology for cost, quality, and service improvement in both Payer and Provider operational settings. 
Read his full biography here.
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