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Creating Long-Lasting Results It’s no wonder centenarians and long-lasting marriages are championed. We value and seek permanence. In recent years, industry articles have asked “Why is care coordination so difficult?” In “Five Lessons for Making Your Care Coordination Efforts a Lasting Reality,” you will find several proven, practical and long-lasting steps that organizations of all sizes can use to improve their care coordination. Over time, revenue leakage can slowly rob health care systems of critical income. In “Revenue Integrity Initiative Drives Significant Financial Improvements,” you will see how a strategic revenue maximization project is generating long-term financial gains for a major health care system.

POV: Five Lessons for Making Care Coordination Efforts a Lasting Reality
headshot of Crystal Cooper, Freed Associate headshot of Robin Figueroa, Freed Associate By: Crystal Cooper and Robin Figueroa.As seen in Becker’s Infection Control and Clinical Quality.Care coordination can make the difference toward achieving more consistently positive patient health outcomes. It also helps providers meet several new and increasing outcomes-related financial incentives. Continue reading…

SUCCESS STORY: Revenue Integrity Initiative Drives Significant Financial Improvements
headshot of Mark Jahn, Freed Associate By: Mark JahnIn order to reduce revenue leakage, the RI department needed a strategic way to stabilize department operations and lead it toward achieving its revenue integrity goals. Continue reading…

NEWS: Freed Hires Julia Gumina
headshot of Julia Gummina, Freed Associate Julia has experienced significant success as a program leader driving strategic initiatives across health plans, and redesigning, streamlining and optimizing operational platforms. Continue reading…

NEWS: Freed Hires Carrie Bersot
headshot of Carrie Bersot, Freed Associate Carrie is a versatile consultant with experience in product innovation, performance network strategy and value-based contracting. Continue reading…

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