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The Timelessness of Efficiency

Frederick Winslow Taylor, the “father of scientific management,” gained fame a century ago for his stopwatch-driven analyses of industrial worker productivity. In his advocacy for finding the most efficient way to accomplish a task, Taylor was a forerunner for the concept of continuous improvement. Efficiency improvements can have far-reaching benefits. See this month’s articles for several examples. In “Health Care System Gains from Centralized Marketing,” learn how several disparate marketing teams became a unified dynamo. With “Steps to Improve Your Organization’s Knowledge Management,” discover how properly curating organizational knowledge can boost bottom-line benefits. The big takeaway of “Workload Management Boosts Sales Team’s Growth Potential” is the criticality of correctly staffing key roles.

SUCCESS STORY: Health Care System Gains from Centralized Marketing
Freed Healthcare Newsletter March 2019 with John Tanner's featured article By: John Tanner A large health care system sought to centralize its individual affiliate-based marketing teams, covering brand, digital, creative and research work, into a single enterprise-wide marketing organization. Learn how this initiative yielded a new, centralized marketing organization capable of more efficiently producing higher-quality marketing campaigns and materials. Read more…

POV: Steps to Improve Your Organization’s Knowledge Management.
By: Kam Reams As seen in Healthcare Business Today The need for knowledge management in health care is greater than ever, especially amid exponentially increasing amounts of data, regulations, and clinical and non-clinical information that health care professionals must consume. Learn how to determine the best path forward for improving your existing or implementing a new knowledge management program. Read more…

SUCCESS STORY: Workload Management Boosts Sales Team’s Growth Potential
By: Scott Walkiewicz Anticipating significant growth, a health plan’s sales team needed to ensure it had the right amount and type of staffing to support its growth goals and avoid any work volume-related issues. Learn how this sales team assessed its staffing and demands to achieve a long-term, effective workload management solution. Read more…

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