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Achieving the Large-Scale Changes You Seek

In business today, far-reaching and challenging change is no longer the exception. It’s the rule. The thing is, most of us have relatively little experience leading big-change efforts. “Managers are trained to make incremental, programmatic improvements. They aren’t trained to lead large-scale change,” says internationally renowned change management expert John P. Kotter.

For a large-scale change initiative to succeed, according to Kotter, you need a powerful guiding team, often including multiple members outside of senior management. In this month’s edition, we highlight four different team-oriented approaches for achieving successful change.

“Five Steps for Large-Scale Health Care Project Success” is a must-read for anyone navigating a significant capital project. In “Reporting Improvements Significantly Enhance MSO Client Relationships,” see how sequential operational improvements deliver bottom-line business benefits. The big takeaway of “Understanding Your Stakeholders is Key to Success,” is how adopting a stakeholder-centric perspective can deliver vast transformative results. With “Specialty Department Improves Operations to Boost Patient Experience, Growth Plans,” see how to boost patient experience.

POV: Five Vital Steps to Large Scale Health Care Project Success

By: Zaida Aronovsky

As seen in Becker’s Hospital Review

Many large-scale “mega” projects in health care falter or fail, but they do not have to meet that fate. Learn the five most vital success steps to ensure your project’s success. Read more…

SUCCESS STORY: Reporting Improvements Significantly Enhance MSO Client Relationships

By: Chelsea White

Operational issues, especially in reporting, threatened a regional MSO’s growth. Learn how this MSO methodically and systemically improved operations. Read more…

POV: Cultural Transformation — Understanding Your Stakeholders is Key to Success!

By: Shanti Wilson

As seen in Healthcare Business Today

How can you transform your health care organization’s culture? Learn how understanding your stakeholders drives cultural transformation success. Read more…

SUCCESS STORY: Specialty Department Improves Operations to Boost Patient Experience, Growth Plans

By: Mark Schneider

Poor admin performance was dragging down the reputation of a health system’s renowned specialty department. Learn how this issue was fixed for good. Read more…

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