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Picture Your Improvement

From modern imaging technology, we now know that the world’s most famous painting, the Mona Lisa, is actually comprised of multiple layers of paint through a complex painting technique called sfumato. Leonardo da Vinci worked many years to improve on his masterpiece. Those who seek to provide the best to others have a continuous drive to improve. We see this dynamic in our two featured stories in this month’s newsletter. In “5 Steps to Improve Your Patient Referral Process,” we provide a sequential way for health care providers to improve problematic referral processes. In “Maximizing Membership Growth through New Open Enrollment Strategy,” you will learn how a national health plan enhanced its new member enrollment and current member retention.

POV: Five Steps to Improve Your Patient Referral Processes
Mark Schneider, Freed Associate By: Mark Schneider. As seen in Becker’s Hospital Review. An effective patient referral system is an integral way of ensuring that patients receive optimal care at the right time and at the appropriate level, as well as cementing professional relationships. Learn the five sequential steps necessary to significantly improve your patient referral system. Read more…

PROBLEMS WE’VE SOLVED: Maximizing Membership Growth Through New Open Enrollment Strategy
Scott Walkiewicz, Freed Associate By: Scott Walkiewicz. A national health plan sought to increase new health plan membership and improve current member retention by expanding its enrollment facilitation program into additional states. Learn how the health plan created a national program template incorporating best practices to expand its enrollment program and support its strategic membership goals. Read more…

NEWS: Freed Associates Named One of the “Best Places to Work” for the Sixth Time by San Francisco Business Times
San Francisco Business Times logo Freed Associates was named one of the “Best Places to Work” by the San Francisco Business Times for the sixth time. More than 500 companies participated in the annual survey. Read more…

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