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Carefully Thinking Things Through

In his best-selling book “Thinking, Fast and Slow,” Nobel prize-winning economist Daniel Kahneman details two separate mental systems we each have: “fast thinking” is what we might call “gut instinct” and is more impulsive and reactionary; “slow thinking” is based on deliberative reasoning. When making complex decisions, Kahneman says we are generally better off engaging in “slow thinking.” In this month’s newsletter, we highlight the business value of carefully thinking through processes, steps and desired outcomes to achieve optimal results. In “5 Optimal Steps for Creating a Pilot Data Warehouse,” we provide a sequential guide for creating a data warehouse that aids organizational decision-making. In “Overcoming the Challenges of Launching a Clinical Integration Network (CIN),” you will learn ways of addressing the inherent complexities of starting and effectively operating a CIN.

POV: 5 Optimal Steps for Creating a Pilot Data Warehouse
Freed Associate Alan StadelhoferBy: Alan Stadelhofer.As seen in Becker’s Hospital Review. Due to many factors, creating a high-quality data warehouse to ultimately aid organizational decision-making can be complicated and frustrating. Rather than building a full-scale data warehouse, consider instead the advantages of doing a pilot data warehouse. Learn the five optimal steps for creating a successful pilot data warehouse for your organization. Read more…

PROBLEMS WE’VE SOLVED: Overcoming the Challenges of Launching a Clinical Integration Network (CIN)
Health Care Newsletter August 2018 headshot for Lea VlacosBy: Lea VlacosMore and more providers and health care organizations are forming clinical integration networks (CIN). Launching a CIN can be complicated, as it is a specific type of legal arrangement that includes meeting multiple legal, regulatory and quality-related improvements. Learn the six steps crucial for launching a CIN’s quality program. Read more…

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