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Toward Achieving Smoother Operations

In aviation, a well-trimmed flight means the pilot barely needs to touch the yoke to maintain a straight and level cruising course. Trim can reduce a pilot’s workload and make a flight more comfortable for all. Health care organizations similarly benefit when they can maintain “trim” without regularly readjusting course. This month’s newsletter highlights ways that organizations can fly more smoothly. “Is Your Health Care Project Headed the Wrong Way?,” explains how to overcome five common project performance issues. Learn how to simplify decision-making in “Enterprise Portfolio Management Enhances Decision-Making.” See the benefits of an operational revamp in “Improving a Vendor Contracting Department.”

POV: Is Your Health Care Project Headed the Wrong Way?
By: Chet Stagnaro & Zaida AronovskyAs seen in HealthCare Business TodayDo you know the five biggest warning signs of a troubled health care project? Boost your project success rate by knowing these red-flag warning signs. Read more…

SUCCESS STORY: Enterprise Portfolio Management Enhances Decision-Making
By: Nikki Iantuono A leading health system lacked insight into its biggest investments. Learn how an enterprise portfolio management (EPM) program turned things around. Read more…

SUCCESS STORY: Improving a Vendor Contracting Department
By: Lea Vlacos Learn how a leading health care system pulled its contracting department out of a potentially disastrous tailspin by reorganizing its contracting functions, including adopting new policies and procedures, revising staffing plans and improving services. Read more…

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