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Carly Dunham Featured in Becker's Hospital Review

TOPIC: Publications

“If you’ve ever participated in, or led, a change management effort, you know how difficult it can be to get others (or even yourself!) to embrace the desired change. While change can be incredibly valuable and is a norm for today’s organizations to thrive and survive, researchers estimate that as many as 70 percent of all change initiatives stall, lose focus, or get derailed.

Rather than chancing the likelihood of change initiative success, many organizations are increasingly looking at mindfulness—the individual state of active, open attention on the present—as a vital tool to help guide employees through the inevitable peaks and valleys that accompany change.”

Consultant Carly Dunham recently produced an article entitled, “Adopt Mindfulness Principles to Help Facilitate Change” that was featured in Becker’s Hospital Review.

Read the full publication here.