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CEO Dava Freed Featured in SF Business Times as Success Story in Women Owned Businesses

TOPIC: Awards

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In a story written for the September 25th issue of the San Francisco Business Times by Lemery Reyes, entitled “Why Him, Why Not You?”, Freed Associates CEO, Dava Freed, is prominently featured for offering her best advice for women in business, “Don’t be afraid of being different because you are a woman.”

Freed Associates was ranked 26th in the largest bay area women-owned businesses and 15th in the largest east-bay women-owned businesses for the 2015 list.

Noting her number one tip for growing a business, Dava said, “Having strong values and an inclusive, caring corporate culture.” Dava continued with the best advice she received from another businesswoman, saying, “Don’t be afraid of being different because you are a woman. It is OK to show your emotions, even as a CEO.