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The Benefits of Opportunity Meeting Preparation

In business as in life, preparedness can make the difference between success or failure. “Good fortune often happens when opportunity meets with preparation,” wrote Thomas Edison. Wise and forward-thinking business leaders make decisions and take steps now to prepare their organizations for future success or ward against inevitable challenges. In this month’s newsletter, we feature stories highlighting the benefits of preparedness in health care. Learn how enterprise portfolio management (EPM) delivers long-term benefits in “Get the Big Picture: Four Steps for EPM Success.” Discover how an innovative financial forecasting tool made the difference in “New Tool Powers Major Project Decisions.” Maximize your participation in health databases from “Making the Most of Your State Health Database.” Find out how an MSO nailed its delegation readiness in “New MSO/Payer Partnership Ensures Delegation Readiness.”

POV: Get the Big Picture: Four Steps for EPM Success
By: Nikki Iantuono As seen in the Electronic Health Reporter. Enterprise portfolio management (EPM) helps health care organizations more strategically manage big projects. Learn here how to make EPM work for you. Read more…

SUCCESS STORY: New Tool Powers Major Project Decisions
By: Josh Nathan A leading health system needed to know the operational/community impact of a big capital project. Learn how a new forecasting tool helped them decide. Read more…

POV: Making the Most of Your State Health Database
By: Gwen Elwood As seen in the State of Reform News. State health databases offer ample opportunities — and challenges. Learn how to maximize the effectiveness of your state’s new health database. Read more…

SUCCESS STORY: New MSO/Payer Partnership Ensures Delegation Readiness
By: Chelsea White How did a fast-growing management services organization, with a major insurer, ensure its delegation readiness in two new markets? Find out how here. Read more…

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