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Lead from the Seat You Are In

There is a saying in leadership development: “Lead from the seat you are in.” It is a reminder that “leadership” does not necessarily depend on your job title. Our featured success story, “Improved Physician Satisfaction with Medical Staff Services Integration,” is all about empowering others to help lead. In this case, the success of a medical staff services merger depended on crucial input from the merger-affected physicians. Just do not take “leading from the seat” too literally! In “Stand Up for Your Health! Combat the Perils of Sitting Disease,” we remind those who work in a sitting-centric situation to regularly get up, out and about. A great New Year’s resolution!

SUCCESS STORY: Improved Physician Satisfaction with Medical Staff Services Integration
By: Josh Nathan The hospital system engaged Freed Associates (Freed) to lead installing a new credentialing and privileging system that would be a “single source of truth” among its hospitals. The client also wished to use this effort to broadly create critical alignment and efficiency for the staffing and processes supporting all phases of practitioner onboarding and support. Continue reading…

POV: Stand Up for Your Health: Combat Perils of Sitting Disease
As seen in Healthcare Business Today. For those in health care who predominately work sitting down, it can be challenging — and easy to forget — to occasionally step away from your work. There is growing evidence that sedentary behavior is negatively affecting our health in a way that is costly to our employers and may literally be killing us. Continue reading…

NEWS: Freed Client Executive Alan Little Quoted by the Los Angeles Business Journal
Freed Client Executive Alan Little was asked to comment in a Los Angeles Business Journal article on UnitedHealth’s $4.9-billion purchase of DaVita Medical Group. Continue reading…

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