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Striving for Certainty amid Uncertainty

As Benjamin Franklin once wrote “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” It is our intrinsic uncertainty that leads us to validate our decisions with data, input and analysis. In this month’s issue, we offer an article and case study highlighting the importance of gaining and sharing the right information to guide your decision-making. In “Are Your Employees Truly Aligned with Your Strategic Priorities?,” we introduce a powerful two-step strategy for assessing your strategic priorities and ensuring your employees are on board. Our featured case study, “Insurer Identifies Right Marketing Strategy for Sales Focus,” details the benefits of analyzing and assessing a key business strategy before committing costly resources to it.

POV: Are Your Employees Truly Aligned With Your Strategic Priorities?
Headshot of Shanti Wilson, Freed Associate By: Shanti Wilson. As seen in Becker’s Hospital Review. With employees typically focused on your organization’s everyday operations, how well are they aligned with your strategic priorities? Learn how to gain better alignment between your organization’s strategic priorities and the work of your employees by following this simple but effective two-step process. Continue reading…

SUCCESS STORY: Insurer Identifies Right Marketing Strategy for New Sales Focus
Headshot of Freed Associate Melissa Hitt By: Melissa Hitt Before investing considerable resources on a new channel marketing initiative, a major health insurance company first sought external input to analyze and assess its plans. Learn how this helped the insurer identify partnerships in three highly promising channels with the potential to significantly expand sales. Continue reading…

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