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Moving the Big Stones

The idea of a “best practice” — a method or technique generally accepted as superior to alternatives — has been around at least 4,600 years. That’s when the ancient Egyptians built the Great Pyramid of Giza, after figuring a best practice for moving 170,000 tons of stone across 500 miles of water and desert. Health care is filled with many types of best practices, as organizations continuously seek ways to serve their consumers more efficiently and effectively. This month’s newsletter is dedicated to the realization and application of best practices. In “Maximizing Membership Growth through New Open Enrollment Strategy,” discover how a national health plan expanded by improving its enrollment facilitation. With “Project Management Basics: Have You Mastered These Six Fundamentals?” learn how to enhance your project management. “Health System Significantly Improves Privacy Incident Reporting Capabilities” is a lesson on making data quality and accessibility better.

SUCCESS STORY: Maximizing Membership Growth Through New Open Enrollment Strategy
Healthcare newsletter February 2019 headshot of Scott Walkiewicz By: Scott Walkiewicz A national health plan sought to increase new health plan membership and improve current member retention by expanding its enrollment facilitation program into additional states. Learn how the health plan created a national program template incorporating best practices to expand its enrollment program and support its strategic membership goals. Read more…

POV: Project Management Basics: Have You Mastered These Six Fundamentals?
Cathy Savinsky headshot By: Cathy Savinsky As seen in Healthcare Business Today Done well, project management mitigates project risks, cuts costs and improves success rates. Poor project management can cause projects to fall apart, wasting time and resources. Learn how to achieve consistent project management success by following these six project management fundamentals. Read more…

SUCCESS STORY: Health System Significantly Improves Privacy Incident Reporting Capabilities
Caren Jones headshot By: Caren Jones Inadequate and inaccessible privacy investigation data was compromising analysis and decision-making for the compliance department of a major health system serving more than a quarter-million patients annually. Learn how this compliance department improved its privacy investigation methodology and dashboard and reporting capabilities to ensure the organization is properly handling privacy incidents. Read more…

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