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From our homes to our offices to our daily commutes, we use technology every day – sometimes subconsciously. In the health care industry, we continue to see how technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT) is making an impact. There are trends to improve patient experience, cure diseases, apply advanced analytics, enhance telemedicine and heighten care management, to name a few. At Freed Associates, our goal is to work with technology and clients to help solve problems, improve communication, hand-offs and outcomes, reduce stress and errors, and make our workplaces that much better.In this month’s newsletter, we feature examples of how Freed Associates is helping clients develop their technologies and processes to deliver a more consistently positive impact. Given the rapidity and complexity of changes in health care, our value is keeping abreast of industry trends and proactively providing our clients with ways and means to effectively address and even capitalize on changes. We hope these stories offer insights into potential benefits for your organization.Please let me know your thoughts on these subjects, or if you have technology change-related needs you want to discuss.Best regards,Contact Dava

SUCCESS STORY: Universal Registration Improves Cancer Center’s Patient Satisfaction
By: Brett Light A cancer center’s patients were stymied and frustrated by the center’s antiquated and inefficient patient registration process. In response, the cancer center developed a new streamlined universal registration process, with guidance from Freed Associates. The center’s staff and patient satisfaction and efficiency soared.Continue reading…

POV: Determining PAC Networks with Medicare’s New CJR Program
As seen in Healthcare Informatics. Hospitals participating in Medicare’s mandatory new Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) reimbursement model need to develop a high-quality preferred post-acute care (PAC) network to which they can discharge high-risk CJR patients. By developing a PAC preferred provider network based on objective criteria and supported by collaborative agreements, hospitals can more readily create effective two-way communication between their care coordinators and PAC teams. Continue reading…

POV: Going Digital to Improve the Provider-Patient Experience
As seen in Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review. With health care reform shifting from volume to value-based care, expanding the insured population and increasing access and demand for services, there is more focus on providers using digital technology to achieve the triple aim: improving patient experience and population health and reducing cost of care. Providers need to join the digital ecosystem to stay competitive and keep pace with the demand for modernizing the patient experience. Continue reading…

SUCCESS STORY: Data Strategy Transforms National Client’s Business Prospects
A national provider of physician services was experiencing unprecedented, double-digit growth over the past 5 years, but its business processes and IT systems and staff could not deliver on current needs or ambitious, transformational goals. Freed Associates helped the company create a new, foundational data strategy which helped catapult the company to unexpected new levels of business success. Continue reading…

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