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Freed Gives Back — Volunteering with the SF Marin Food Bank

TOPIC: Events

By Allie Freed

DHF Photo Hi-Res 4x6 (1)It was a warm Saturday morning in August, when a number of Freed Associates arrived at the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank to volunteer a few hours of their time assembling grocery boxes for seniors.

Being the natural-born project managers that we are, I wasn’t surprised to look up from my post and see a number of Freed volunteers front and center on the assembly line, making sure boxes were assembled accurately and efficiently. The amazing warehouse staff make volunteering at the food bank a fun, well-organized team-building event, as well as a great opportunity to meet other members of the SF/Marin community and give back to those in need.

The SF-Marin Food Bank, with the ambitious mission of ending hunger in San Francisco and Marin, processes an impressive 47 million pounds of food each year. The food bank works with a network of 450 partner organizations to distribute food to as many as 225,000 hungry San Francisco and Marin residents per year. In addition to distributing food, the organization is a leading advocate for effective government programs to assist people who are at risk of hunger and it sponsors groundbreaking research to determine the food needs of low-income residents.