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Helping the Homeless Prenatal Program Transform Lives

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Imagine not only being poor and homeless, but trying to subsist while raising children. That’s the daily reality faced by clients in the Homeless Prenatal Program (HPP), an award-winning, San Francisco-based nonprofit that provides poor and homeless families with the ability to end childhood poverty. HPP’s mission is to help support families, particularly pregnant mothers, in transforming their lives using nonjudgmental case management.

In December, Freed Associates and its employees supported HPP by purchasing supplies for and assembling personal care kits for families served by HPP. Each month, HPP sees some 200 new families; the personal care kits help stabilize the lives of those who often arrive at HPP with literally nothing.

Freed Associates employees funded and packed more than 200 personal care kits for HPP clients at their recent Quarterly meeting. The kits contained such everyday personal items as body wash and a shower sponge, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste/toothbrush, dental floss, a comb and brush, shave cream and razor, and facial tissues.

Over more than 26 years, HPP has generated amazing results. Among those served by HPP, 90% of children born to HPP clients arrive at a healthy weight and drug-free, 80% of HPP’s community health worker trainees find jobs, and more than 400 families each year obtain housing through HPP’s assistance.

As Martha Ryan, Executive Director of HPP, would say ““Housing is their journey to stability; they have hope if they have housing.”

Freed Associates’ support for HPP ties directly into our firm’s theme for 2015 to Support, Transform and Create, and specifically assist with society’s needs for care coordination and population health.