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Ponder the Possibilities

Fifty years ago in July 1968, entrepreneurs Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce founded a new microprocessor manufacturing firm named Intel (short for Integrated Electronics), after previously rejecting the name “Moore Noyce” which they thought sounded too similar to “more noise.” Spurred by a desire “to ponder what might be possible,” Moore and Noyce sought to improve the world through technology. Similarly, forward-thinking health care organizations seek to maximize technology’s vast possibilities. In Chet Stagnaro’s “Innovative Blockchain Uses in Health Care,” learn how this fast-changing, rapidly advancing digital ledger technology can potentially transform health care. Our featured case study, “New Data Governance Strategy Transforms Health System’s Business Reporting,” details how a phased data governance approach helped a health system improve its data accuracy, accessibility and security.

POV: Innovative Blockchain Uses in Health Care
By: Chet Stagnaro. By simplifying and expediting the way the health care industry processes data, blockchain has the power to dramatically reduce back-office data input and maintenance costs and improve data accuracy and security. Readers will come away with a much deeper understanding of blockchain’s applicability in the health care industry and considerations for its implementation. Read more…

PROBLEMS WE’VE SOLVED: New Data Governance Strategy Transforms Health System’s Business Reporting
By: Hanna Woldu A large complex health system with multiple business units and departments gathering, analyzing and reporting financial and clinical data was facing challenges with its data. Learn how instituting a new phased data governance approach for its financial data enabled the health system to ensure its data is accurate and well-documented, as well as accessible and secure. Read more…

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