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Seeking breakthrough performance in your organization? Collaborate, and collaborate some more.An African proverb says “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” This month’s Freed Associates newsletter demonstrates how collaboration helps health care organizations achieve breakthrough performance. In our success story “Inpatient Care Management Redesign Seeks to Boost Health System’s Clinical Performance,” we detail how a leading health care system, serving a large Medi-Cal population, substantially improved its inpatient care management by bringing together multiple disparate teams. In “New Data Mart Helps Health Plan Meet Regulatory Provider Network Reporting,” you will learn how a major health plan met Medi-Cal’s requirements for provider network reporting in part by partnering with other participating Medi-Cal health plans.

SUCCESS STORY: Inpatient Care Management Re-design: Seeks to Boost Health System’s Clinical Performance
A major health care system serving a large Medi-Cal population needed to substantially improve its outdated and disparate inpatient care management. Over several years, the system’s care management practices and results had deteriorated, leading to disparate care coordination and suboptimal clinical outcomes, including excess length of stay and a high rate of readmissions. Continue reading…

SUCCESS STORY: New Data Mart Helps Health Plan Meet Regulatory Provider Network Reporting
By: John TannerA health plan needed to develop a provider data mart to centralize and house provider data from multiple internal and external sources, and report its provider network data each month to Medi-Cal, using a national EDI standard. The health plan developed, tested, and implemented a provider data mart solution, meeting Medi-Cal’s timeline and standards for provider network reporting. Continue reading…

NEWS: Women in Business QA – Huffington Post
Read answers given by Dava Freed, as asked by Huffington Post editorial staff, on issues such as: challenges for women in the workplace, importance of work/life balance, and the most important lessons learned in her career. Read the article.

NEWS: Freed Hires New Consultant: Mark Aspelin
Mark has nearly two decades of program and project management experience in information technology, process improvement, business intelligence and analytics, and operations management. Read his full biography here.

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