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Applying Tech to Surmount Health Care Hurdles

The late physicist Stephen Hawking harnessed technology to transcend his paralysis, give voice to his paradigm-changing ideas and become the world’s most beloved scientist. “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change,” Hawking famously said. Multiple technologies promise to heighten the effectiveness and usefulness of health care — for those with the vision and drive to fully apply them, and revise their corresponding processes. In this month’s newsletter, we highlight the work of those who are maximizing technology in health care. In “Bringing Home the Blockchain Promise” learn how digital ledgers and smart contracts promise to improve health care. With “Gaining Key Insights for a Single Vendor Application Platform,” see how objective counsel created a game plan for a health care system adopting a single platform. “How to Improve Your Business Intelligence” is a primer on BI adoption. “When Success Depended on Well-Performing Tech” reveals the criticality of technology to a new health care company.

POV: Bringing Home the Blockchain Promise: Two Promising Applications
Healthcare newsletter June 2019 with Chet StagnaroBy: Chet Stagnaro As seen in HealthData Management Thinking about a blockchain solution for your health care organization? Learn about two of the most promising uses of blockchain in health care. Read more…

SUCCESS STORY: Gaining Key Insights for a Single Vendor Application Platform
By: Gwen Elwood A regional health system needed to determine if switching to a single vendor application platform was the right choice. Learn how this system did it. Read more…

POV: How to Improve Your Business Intelligence
By: Jim Buckheit As seen in Electronic Health Reporter Learn how to improve your business intelligence team performance, by focusing on improving the four fundamentals: role, responsibilities, responsiveness and resources. Read more…

SUCCESS STORY: When Success Depended on Well-Performing Tech
By: David Mendlowitz Learn how an innovative new health care services and technology company got its new data center operational and business productivity software to perform flawlessly — and to launch on-time. Read more…

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