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Positioning Your Organization for New Business Success You don’t have to be a hockey fan to appreciate the timeless advice of professional hockey’s all-time leading scorer, Wayne Gretzky: “Skate to where the puck is going, not to where it’s been.” In this month’s issue, we highlight how forward-looking health care organizations can position themselves for future successes by essentially skating to where the puck is going. In “Shifting from Fee-for-Service? Adopt this Winning Value-Based Approach,” we show how to navigate risk-based payment arrangements with multiple payers. In “Positioning a Key Health Plan Product for Success,” you will learn how a national health plan successfully revamped its sales approach for its total replacement product.

POV: Shifting from Fee-for-Service? Adopt this Winning Value-Based Approach?
Shanti Wilson photo, Freed Associate By: Shanti Wilson. As seen in Becker’s Hospital Review and Healthcare Business Today. For health care organizations, adopting new risk-based payment arrangements also brings a need to adopt new approaches to value-based care. Learn how to create a winning value-based care strategy by adopting a team effort around governance, shared vision, accountability, flexibility and execution. Continue reading…

SUCCESS STORY: Positioning a Key Health Plan Product for Success
Photo of Diane Louie, Freed Associate By: Diane Louie. A large national health plan was facing sales challenges with its total replacement product. Learn how an enterprise-wide initiative to evaluate the product’s performance resulted in a product redesign, improving the potential for future replacement product sales success. Continue reading…

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